the Answer to Depletion of Medical Care of the World

There is a problem afflicting the society today that is becoming greater and greater every day. This very problem will become a major calamity of the future. It is thought that the health care professionals are insufficient for the world right now. And in the future, when there is a population explosion occurring, the medical care facilities will become impossible to provide to everyone. Even today the ill are not getting the treatment even though they can afford the medical care facilities because of a shortage of doctors that can attend to them and can treat them. This is where Physician Assistants come into play, they are medical professionals capable of handling the majority of the cases so the physicians can focus on bigger goals.
Why We Need Assistants for Physicians?
There is a limited number of graduating fresh doctors entering the field while the number of the ailment afflicted is increasing exponentially. There are diseases out there that were never before seen, there are problems on the rise that were previously fiction, there are germs and pathogens that are becoming stronger and fastidious, and there are people out there who cannot even get the medical attention they will need in the future to survive the emerging problem. There is no need to spend the expertise of a physician in the treatment of the mundane, everyday diseases that every other person keeps on getting, this task can be left off to purposely train Physician Assistants so the man power gets divided and the community gets saved.
How Do We Get Assistants for Physicians?
A physician requires years of training before becoming any useful to society, but the requirement of the world is different, medical care professionals are needed at faster rates. People will die on a mass scale just like they did in the medieval times, we have known the plague for centuries now and we now have it under control but there are new diseases on the rise, even deadlier. So, instead of relying on just the yearly supply of medical professionals graduating and working in the field, we have created a new profession. We take students with experience and scientific knowledge and give them intensive knowledge at a faster pace. These students are trained hard and are made into Physician Assistants that will not only assist the physicians in every step, but are capable of handling most cases on their own.

What Do We Use These Assistants for?
• Taking a medical history and pinpointing the relevant parts of the history.
• Examining the patients and creating diagnoses that ease the way of the physician or surgeon.
• Treating simple cases that do not require much expertise.
• Prescribing medicines to the most common cases, usually those that present routinely.
• For providing assistance in surgery, the assistants are trained intensively.
• For counseling the patients on preventive treatments and simpler therapies.
• To perform minor surgeries and simple procedures that do not require a surgeon’s dexterity.